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Valley Threads, a curated collection of apparel designed by the players, for the fans.

The Valley Threads collection tips off with one of the fastest and most energetic players on the court, Cam Payne.

Payne is a sparkplug and appropriately referred to as the “Haboob” by some fans for his whirlwind, energetic style of play. He embraced the design process by sharing personal insights that inspired different elements.

The debut piece drops 10 a.m. this Friday, Feb. 25 exclusively in the Phoenix Suns Team Shop at Footprint Center. A portion of proceeds from each sale will be donated to Phoenix Suns Charities benefitting youth mentorship programs in the community – a cause chosen by Cam Payne.



Cam Payne. FIFTEEN. The new number that’s become synonymous with Payne’s energetic play.



“Don’t Wake Up, Keep Dreaming,” an idiom adopted after meeting with Payne’s pastor right before draft night in 2015. Never give up your dreams, never stop grinding.


The Journey.

It’s important to appreciate where you’ve been to know where you want to go. The detail showcases the lessons learned from successes and shortcomings along the way.


The Asterisk*

A cause for attention. Denotes the energetic force Cam Payne creates whether he’s on a downhill drive to hyping the team on the sidelines.

The Burst.

A contemporary alternative to the iconic Sunburst logo imagined by Cam Payne and the Centercourt Studios team.

Left Justified.

A proud lefty. Every detail of the hoodie is left-justified to celebrate Cam Payne being a member of the exclusive left-handed club in the NBA.

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